This course is a compulsory CPD requirement for those members looking to seek Full membership in the future.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate understanding of current practices of Te Ao Maori in resource management planning through discussion, critical reflection and groupwork.
  • Gain an understanding of working with treaty settlement legislation, statutory acknowledgements, iwi management plans and cultural impact assessments in RMA planning (consents and policy)
  • Gain an understanding of Matauranga Maori and Maori worldview in Freshwater, Coastal/Marine, Urban Landscapes, and Land
  • Demonstrate applied understanding of working with Maori (and planning tools available to Maori) in resource management planning processes and practices

is Director and Planner for his consultancy Whetu Consultancy Group, which has a particular focus on incorporating Maori values, perspectives, and maatauranga aa iwi/hapuu into resource management processes and outputs/outcomes. James has harnessed his expereince and knowledge as a result of various roles over his 13 year professional career, where he started as a planning consultant in a survey and engineering firm, and progressed through territorial and regional authorities and an iwi authority. James is involved in Maaori advisory committees, with an appointment on the Environmental Protection Authority's Ngaa Kaihautuu Tikanga Taiao, as well as community focused committees, such as the Ngaaruawaahia Community Board. James is the primary contact and liaison on the committee for the establishment and advancement of Papa Pounamu branches around New Zealand.

Jade now runs her own consulting business Wikaira Consulting Ltd. Prior to that she worked at Boffa Miskell in the Wellington office in the roles of Strategic Advisor Maori and Resource Management Planner. She has extensive experience in strategic policy, governance and relationship development, where she held policy positions in central and local government. Previously, Jade also held a role advising the Minister of Maori Affairs on environmental resource management and Maori community development matters. Jade is particularly interested in working on collaboration and strengthening relationships across the region. Jade is the interim primary contact for the Te Whanganui a Tara branch of Papa Pounamu.