Given the rapidly growing interest in creating quality urban centres and the key role of planners in this process, NZPI has joined with Steven Burgess, one of Australasia’s most renowned transport engineers to run the course: ‘The Lost Art of Street Design’. During this course Steven will explore key elements of street design and recognise their importance in making great and sustainable places.

The course will help bring engineers and urban planners closer together on the issues surrounding street design. Attendees will go through the evolution of streets within an urban design and place making integration context. This will lead to a discussion about land use planning including the use of planning schemes. The session will explore the significance of road safety for people and intersection design. It will also discuss parking and how it plays a significant role in the development of a vibrant community.


Steven is an engineer and urban strategist with 30 years’ experience in city shaping all over the world. He is a leading contributors to the planning, design and development of liveable cities. A Principal with boutique Australasian transportation consultancy MRCagney, and specialises in the development of long-term relationships between urban form, mobility and vitality. Steven has worked on many village, town and city transformation projects in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the Middle East. You can sample Steven Burgess presenting a workshop by following the link to this youtube clip.

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