If you can't measure it - you can't improve it.

Placemaking found its way to Australasia in the 1980’s and is now a mainstream discipline for planners and urban designers in improving the liveability of our villages towns and cities. One task we have yet to really master though is the measurement of place. Why do people like one place over another? When we do improvements, how much better do we make a place? Did our investment really help anything? Is this place better than that one?

We are basically anecdotally comparing places to make decisions. When compared to other investments made by governments and the private sector this is a relatively ‘laissez faire’, is not repeatable with any degree of certainty and has often led to some poor investment decisions.

The tools that Kylie Legge and Steven Burgess will present at this Masterclass will help you capture what your communities care about and how they rate the shared spaces of our cities; our neighbourhoods, town centres and workplaces. The resulting data can help government, developers and business better assess what actual measurable improvements they are making to places.


Engagement Efficiency
Collecting guaranteed data sets and quantitative reporting that ensure you get the deep insights you need for evidence-based planning.

Investment Prioritisation
Identify the attributes of your place that are negatively impacting your community and avoid expensive changes that don't deliver the positive change your community will thank you for.

Measure Change
Assess your place before and after planned changes to guide decision making and provide a quantitative measure of the return on investment.

National Benchmarks
Compare what your community values against the rest of the country or access our data to help plan for new developments where no community exists.

Community Segmentation
Representative segmentation of your community that reveals important demographic insights to help plan for change.


Steven is an engineer and urban strategist with 30 years’ experience in city shaping all over the world. He is a leading contributors to the planning, design and development of liveable cities. A Principal with boutique Australasian transportation consultancy MRCagney, and specialises in the development of long-term relationships between urban form, mobility and vitality. Steven has worked on many village, town and city transformation projects in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the Middle East. You can sample Steven Burgess presenting a workshop by following the link to this youtube clip.

Kylie is a leading voice in the evolving profession of placemaking. She is an architecture graduate, planner, author, facilitator, curator and entrepreneur. She has been a place maker for over 10 years, working on projects across Australia, in Asia and the Middle East; and at a range of scales - from main street to mall, to mixed used developments and whole of city projects. Her interests lie in the relationship between people and their urban environments and how we can work better collaboratively to create the kinds of places people want to spend time in. Her commitment to understanding the trends and external factors influencing decision-making ensures that projects she works on are fit for the future.

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